Teak Wood: 14 Things You Should Know

"Every piece of furniture has a memory attached to it, and it's a family tradition to transfer it down to our kids and grandkids."

Can customs be broken? Yes, but how many of us would want that? A tradition is a personal experience that recreates memories and keeps the past alive and well. A house is always where the heart is, and everything in the house, no matter how old it is, is equally precious and important. Furniture is an important component of a home because it not only provides comfort to those who use it but also gives your home a classy appearance.

After discussing the value of furniture, you may be considering how to select the best material for the furniture. The durability and adaptability of the material used for any furniture, whether for a workplace or a home, are two important factors to consider. Humans have been using wood for thousands of years for a variety of purposes, and teak wood furniture has always been popular and has dominated the market for many years.

14 things about Teak Wood Furniture

The best way to invest in furniture is to first analyze and consider all of the factors that contribute to the material being the best of all. If you understand the origins of Teak wood furniture, you may feel more confident in the material. The following are some interesting facts and details about teak wood and its applications.

1) Teakwood's Origin

Teak wood is a tropical hardwood species belonging to the mint family. Its scientific name is Tectona Grandis. Teak wood is a dense, grained hardwood native to South and Southeast Asia. They are primarily found in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand. However, the wood is grown in many other countries, including Africa and the Caribbean.

2) Typical Applications

People began using wood for building boats and ships after studying its strength and endurance. Because of its high resistance to rot, mildew, and fungi, teak wood was used for the majority of the decks. Teak wood was used to make various types of furniture, carving, indoor furniture, teak outdoor chairs, exterior construction, and other small wood objects over time.

3) Color of teak wood

Teak is a golden colour in its natural state. It is unique in its own right, with a yellowish heartwood that darkens with age and whitish to pale yellowish brown sapwood. The wood is fine to coarsely grained, with hard and porous rings. The most appealing aspect of this wood is that it retains a high concentration of natural oils and rubber even after being cut down. This makes it easier and more efficient for the wood to fight pests and insects. Furthermore, the oil makes it resistant to humidity, wind, and sun damage, making it the best choice.

4) Teakwood Characteristics

Teak wood has some unique characteristics that set it apart and make it extremely dependable. Though it may be difficult to identify the correct type of teak wood, checking and looking for some of these characteristics may help determine the wood's originality.

Teak wood has straight streaks that can be slightly wavy depending on how the tree was cut for the product.

  • When freshly cut, it has a leather-like odor.
  • The wood is quite thick and quite heavy.

5) Physical characteristics

Teak, as a tropical hardwood species, is resistant to decay. The wood is tough and heavy, with excellent acid resistance. It has low stiffness and high natural sturdiness. It is also shock-resistant and has excellent dimensional stability. The wood's durability is unquestionable, and it can withstand extreme weather conditions because it is extremely waterproof and does not crack or distort.

6) Teak wood furniture span

The most fascinating fact about the teak tree is that it grows by half an inch every day and takes approximately 25 years to mature. The most surprising fact is that teak furniture can last 50-70 years after harvesting. Yes, you read that correctly! It is said to last even longer with minimal care and in a perfect environment. This incredible lifespan is only possible due to its unparalleled strength and durability. Teak furniture can withstand all weather extremes for a longer period of time if left untreated.

7) Upkeep and Maintenance

Teak furniture does not necessitate a lot of upkeep and care. It can last for a long time without cracking or warping if left untreated. However, if you want to keep its texture and classy appearance of it, you may need to use certain preservatives to help retain the glow. A layer of oil applied once or twice a year will protect its original color, whereas teak outdoor furniture will undoubtedly require a thorough cleaning at least once a year to avoid discoloration and remove any type of dirt.

8) The Benefits of Teakwood

Teak wood is known as the "King of Woods," and it has been used for thousands of years. It is also known as the "Gold standard of woods" due to its long-lasting quality and high cost. It comes highly recommended and is well-known for:

  • Longevity is exceptional.
  • Strength
  • Waterproofing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Elegant appearance
  • Resistance to pests, insects, and diseases

9) Teak Wood Cost

With all of the benefits and incredible physical properties, the teak wood price should not surprise you. It may appear to be expensive, but the quality of the product should not be overlooked. By investing once, you can enjoy the product for a lifetime. However, finding Grade-A teak is difficult due to the abundance of alternatives on the market today. To find genuine teak furniture, simply adhere to the aforementioned characteristics and properties.

10) Teak Wood Furniture Styles

Teak is a flexible wood that can be used to create a wide range of furniture. The material is easily sawn, cut, and hand-carved for everything from indoor tables to teak outdoor chairs. Coffee tables, office desks, bedside tables, dining chairs, restaurant chairs, baby chairs, outdoor chairs, cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves, bookcases, chopping boards, serving platters, photo frames, beds, and sofas, to name a few. There are numerous other items that can be made from teak. On various websites, you can now find the best teak outdoor furniture. Basil furniture sells the best teak outdoor furniture in India, with each specification listed in detail.

11) Several functions

Teak Wood is used for a variety of purposes, including outdoor garden furniture, indoor furniture, and teak wood flooring. It adds character to the interior while also providing excellent comfort while spending time outside. Teak is popular among interior designers, craftsmen, and architects because it is easy to carve and complements all spaces. Teak outdoor furniture is popular all over the world because of the elegance it adds to the environment.

12) Excellent teak wood furniture

It is natural to feel lost and indecisive in the sea of available furniture materials. Painted teak wood, oiled teak wood, and other alternative teakwoods have made authentic teak wood products difficult to identify today. Finding the best teak outdoor furniture is extremely difficult. The best teak outdoor furniture brands, however, such as Nilkamal, Godrej Interio, Springer, and others, provide certified products. The Basilthefuniturestore sells high-end teak outdoor furniture online.

13) Inquire about this before making a purchase.

One common issue with teak wood furniture is staining. Some teak dealers stain the wood to disguise its natural color. It is highly recommended that you inquire whether the wood you have chosen has any stains on it. If so, you may need to look at the wood from a different angle. Teak also has the tendency to darken with age due to prolonged exposure to air. Inquiring about the age of the wood used is therefore recommended so that you are comfortable and satisfied with the money invested and teakwood product purchased.

14) Interesting teakwood fact

Because teak belongs to the mint family and Myanmar is a source of teakwood, it is believed that tea was made from the bark of the teak tree. Teak bark is also said to have a high medicinal value due to its abundance of natural oil. Headaches, stomach pains, and fever are said to be relieved by medicinal treatment.

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