Why Buy Vintage Furniture From Us?

Basil, The Furniture Store, is a passion-driven company that sells vintage teak wood furniture and antiques. We are passionate about restoring antique furniture to match current standards, and we take pleasure in our high-quality goods and customer service. Our mission is to deliver beautiful furniture at a reasonable price. 

Our only goal is to bring “Art On Wood.” It all comes down to bringing magic to wood. We specialize in antique and vintage furniture, selecting the greatest pieces from around the world and restoring them for modern usage. Our crew is passionate about locating wonderful pieces of furniture and repurposing them, whether it's a trendy coffee table or an elegant bed frame.

Made Of  100% Teak Wood:

Teak wood furniture is ideal for coastal locations due to its weather resistance. Teak wood's long-lasting durability, weather resistance, and termite resistance make it extremely everlasting and low-maintenance. This is the primary reason we use teak wood in our furniture. We create our own teak wood furniture, which blends traditional design with durability and functionality. All of our furniture is manufactured from natural materials to last for many years. Our items are one-of-a-kind and ideal for bringing a rustic appeal to any house.

Our furniture is handcrafted:

Commercially manufactured furniture might have a cookie-cutter appearance. When furniture is mass-produced, we can make each piece seem precisely the same. As a result, the furniture cannot accurately represent the personality of the individual who purchased it. Handcrafted furniture, on the other hand, has various small variances that make each item distinct. Individual pieces of furniture are designed to fit specific spaces or décor. A one-of-a-kind décor that is linked by a common thread. Handmade furniture has unrivaled workmanship. Handcrafted furniture is just more stronger and sturdier than factory-produced furniture. With only one touch on the furniture, you can tell the excellence of the craftsmanship. Furthermore, because each handcrafted piece of furniture has a distinct style, a homeowner may discover the ideal item that matches his or her individuality. we take the responsibility to deliver unique pieces.

Customized Furniture:

We provide custom-made furniture for the people who are not boring and believe in changing things according to their own convenience. Custom-made furniture is a lifesaver for those seeking for a table with unusual proportions or the right chair to suit a certain place in space. We make each piece of wood seem somewhat different from the others, giving it its own individual personality and character.

Our Furniture Tells A Story:

We also offer antique furniture, each of which has a separate tale. Yes, that ancient chair has been there for quite some time, but think of the stories it could tell if it could. Furnishing your home with magnificent antiques can add a touch of history to your image and may even create a conversation among family and friends. A classic is an antique. It will never go out of style. So you're not only investing in a great, fashionable design, but you're also saving yourself the expense of getting to refurnish your property a few years down the road to keep up with current trends.

You Don’t Buy Furniture; You Buy History:

Our furniture is more than just furniture; it helps you make a statement. Antiques do not have to be displayed throughout your establishment. Even if you only have a few scattered about, they provide a nice contrast and blend nicely with more modern items. In fact, in certain cases, less is more; you're more likely to stimulate conversation about that one stand-alone antique item than the other modern pieces you have. We love what we do, and our objective is to give our consumers the finest purchasing experience possible. Visit us now, either online or in-store, and let us help you decorate your house with beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture!

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